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Consultation and guidance for engineering firms, contracting companies and industrial factories, from the planning stages to the execution stages (TurnKey).
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Our Vision

The Global Arena

Cross-border cooperation with companies from around the world on different projects and representation of the interests of various companies in the local arena.

Energy Efficiency

Cutting-edge technology which reduces the energy costs of every factory, home and vehicle through the use of natural gas, which is cleaner than other fuels.

Technological Innovation

Many experts and equipment manufacturers from around the world, working together under one roof to provide innovative and effective technological solutions.

About Us

Finepro Consulting offers full engineering consultation and TurnKey solution services for engineering companies, contractors and industrial factories. These services include assistance in choosing the best technological solutions while maintaining proper budgetary control. Finepro was established in 2001 as a consultation firm, and since then has been involved in both local and international projects and tenders in the fields of cogeneration, wind and geothermal PV. 

In addition, Finepro is also the official representative in Israel of 12 international companies with dozens of years of experience in the field of gas. These companies combined have a résumé of thousands of projects in Europe and the world in the fields of: compression and storage, the transportation of gas on roads (Virtual Pipe) and the planning and execution of gas conduction systems and infrastructures.

נגן וידאו

Business Partners

"We cannot solve our problems with the same way of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

The Company

Project Execution

Engineering consultation, planning and providing technological solutions and project management

Natural Gas

Planning, development, storage, compression, execution and equipment sales


Technological Innovation and Business Representation

Our Team

Finepro's management team has dozens of years of professional experience in the field of energy and extensive global activity, dealing with state and private elements on multiple and diverse projects.

Ran Amir

Company Founder and Manager

Ran gained his experience in project management while working with local authorities, municipal authorities and governments. In these projects he was responsible for developing business concepts, including: engineering design, project management, land appreciation, raising capital from European funds and the European Union.

Ran began his business activities in the late 90's in Eastern and Central Europe, where he developed large projects in the field of tourism and green energy (geothermal / PV). In 2001 the company established a concern of Italian companies which competed for two projects in Israel in the fields of electricity production and infrastructure placement. In 2012 Ran returned to Israel and since then the company has focused its activity on project in the field of natural gas, and a project in the field of electric vehicles, which the company is developing with George Hanse Lindinger of Germany.


Dr. Stefano Tarallo – Finepro Italy

Finepro Rome, Italy – CEO and Manager

Dr. Stefano Tarallo has gained rich experience in the international arena and has been part of the establishment of many projects in the field of water and gas infrastructures in Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. Dr. Tarallo began his work with Finepro in 2001 when he helped Ran formulate and establish the Italian-Israeli concern, which competed for the Dead Sea Mw 300 ICL Power Plant project. Since then and for the past decade Dr. Tarallo has managed the activities of Finepro and acts as its official representative with the various companies it has business ties with.


George Hanse Lindinger- Germany

Finepro Germany, Frankfurt – CEO of Joint Operations

George has diverse experience in international trade and project management, which he gained while working as an independent dealer for Mercedes Benz Guard. The cooperation between George and Ran began in 2008 in the framework of an experimental project to purchase and install "600KW small wind turbines" which were purchased second hand off the German market by the Ethiopian state-owned corporation. Today George is a partner in the initiative of Finepro and German DE MOBILEEE to encourage use of electric vehicles (shared vehicles) among private and public users. In 2019 a German-Israeli company will be established and it will work to promote new projects and initiatives dealing with electrically-powered vehicles in the private and public sectors, as part of improving energy efficiency and emphasizing the reduction of environmental pollution.


Looking ahead

  • The first Portable Gas Station in Israel.
  • Participating in the state of Israel's call for bids in the field of gas stations.
  • Participation in a call for bids in the field of chagrining stations for electric vehicles.
  • Air-conditioning and cooling systems using natural gas.
  • Installing fast charging stations for electric vehicles manufactured by Ecotap Holand, represented by Finepro in Israel.
  • Electric vehicles for the industrial sector.
  • PV systems combined with electricity storage for the purpose of Powerbank.
  • Importing equipment for the LPG field for oil and gas companies in Israel.
  • The first Portable Gas Station in Israel.

What We Do

Our Activities – 

  • Electric vehicle charging systems.
  • Planning, execution and engineering.
  • Project management.
  • Supervision .
  • Planning and engineering.
  • Development/technological renewal.
  • Planning, manufacturing, execution and supervision of projects and infrastructures in the field.
  • Natural Gas / CNG LNG.
  • Generation - up to 4Mw Plugin system.
  • Generation - K-generation/microturbines DF Generation.
  • Combined PV systems.
  • Electricity storage - Powerbank.

Contact Us

The company has two offices.

The first in israel:
Beit Yitzhak, 54 Hadarim Ally
PO Box 8584 Zipcode 4292000
Phone numbers:
+972 54 4529981 / +972 3 6178160 / + 972 9 8629110

The second in Rome, Italy:
via Riolo Terme 24 Roma Italy 00127
Phone numbers:
+39 3339678839 / +39 652378023
Manager: Dr. Stefano Tarallo

:Contact Us

Consultation and guidance for engineering firms, contracting companies and industrial factories, from the planning stages to the execution stages.

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